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A collection of reliable and practical nutrition tools for a sharper mind created by a Cognitive Performance Dietitian.

What is Cognitive Performance Nutrition?

It is eating well for immediate improved brain function and also establishing a great eating pattern for life long brain health.

Imagine eating blueberries right before you take the SATs or GREs. 

Imagine eating a serving of omega-3 rich foods at eat meal to reduce the risk of dementia. 

Imagine eating consistent balanced meals each day to avoid brain fog and stay focused.

Imagine feeling confident in your eating pattern, without taking dietary supplements. 

The Lab provides free and science-backed nutrition tools to help you develop and maintain healthy, balanced nutrition habits to support best cognitive function.


I understand the unique demands of student athletes, military, and healthcare workers. I created nutrition programs and checklists that meet their specific needs and care for their brains.

Meet Your Performance Dietitian

Dietitian in kitchen

Welcome to the Lab,

Hi, I am Dr. Jenna Stedman and I help people elevate their cognitive performance and brain health through nutrition strategy and education. 


I started the Lab to bring free cognitive nutrition answers to those who do not have access to a human performance team yet. Take a look through the materials and see what feels good for you. Test out a few new nutrition habits.


There is a critical need for better nutritional care for brain health. I am here for you.

For too long, nutrition in the media has focused on dieting for weight loss. Nutrition is much more than that! What we eat can either help or hinder our cognition. It can directly effect test scores in school. It can improve our focus and memory. Good nutrition habits and skills can make a big difference in brain function.


Brain health has always been something important to me and my family. There is a lack of awareness of how we can eat to care for our brains. I want to bring cognitive nutrition into more conversations about health. I invite you to join the Lab and take your nutrition and brain health into your own hands. 

I am always hungry for better science and better snacks. Are you?

Dr. Jenna Stedman, DCN, RD, CSSD


Why I Do This

The purpose of the Lab is to translate the nutrition science to provide information and tools for you to make the best decisions for your cognitive and physical performance readiness targets. The Lab is completely free.


My mission is two-fold. One - to help prevent cognitive decline through nutrition intervention. Two - to prepare people with healthful nutrition strategies for tests and other cognitive events.


My vision is a country where everyone can perform at their best, powered by good nutrition.

Fish Tacos
"Having good information has been a game changer for me. The meal program really improved my habits."


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