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Mindfulness Eating Exercise #2

This script was one that we did as a group during a Students Promoting Information about Nutrition club meeting at UNH, back in the day.

"Try to keep quiet during the exercise and focus all of your attention on the chocolate. Approach the exercise with an open mind and a gentle curiosity.

  • Pick up your wrapped chocolate but don’t unwrap it yet.

  • Place it in the palm of your hand and notice the colors and shapes on the package. Feel the weight of it in your hand.

  • Pretend like you have never seen a wrapped chocolate bar before and examine it closely.

  • Touch the packaging with your fingers and feel the texture. Pay attention to any sound the wrapper makes. Examine the wrapper noticing all of the colors. Look at the different sides of the chocolate wrapper and notice any place that the light reflects off the package, any shadows.

  • If your mind starts to wander and think about other things, that’s ok. Notice the thoughts and bring your attention back to the chocolate.

  • Now begin to slowly open the wrapper. Listen for the sounds of the wrapper tearing. Notice the movement of your hand, fingers, and arm muscles as you open the chocolate.

  • You may hear other people or other noises in the room. Notice the sounds and bring your attention back to the chocolate.

  • Raise the chocolate to your nose and smell the chocolate. Slowly breathe in several times and focus on the different smells. Does smelling the chocolate trigger anything else in your body?

  • Is your mouth watering? Are you having any thoughts,” Hurry up and let me eat the chocolate!” “What’s taking so long?” If so, notice them and bring your attention back to smelling the chocolate.

  • Now slowly take a small bite of the chocolate, but do not chew it or swallow it. Notice the feeling and taste of the chocolate in your mouth. How does it feel as it melts? Notice the taste and sensations of the chocolate on your tongue. Move the chocolate around in your mouth. Try to notice the moment when you feel like you want to swallow. Slowly swallow the chocolate, focusing on the sensations. Notice any lingering tastes or sensations.

How was this different from your normal way of eating chocolate?

What did you notice during the exercise?

Any thoughts about how these principles might apply to eating or other areas of your life?"

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